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Training Programme

Statutory safeguarding guidance states that Safeguarding Children Boards should monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training, including multi-agency training, for all professionals in the area.

There is no requirement for Safeguarding Children Boards to commission or deliver training. However, Hampshire’s Board does commission and deliver multi-agency training to complement single agency training and support partner agencies in meeting their statutory responsibilities with regards to safeguarding training.

Multi agency Safeguarding Training

Multi-agency training aims to promote a common, shared understanding of respective roles and responsibilities and the need to work closely with other professionals. Research has shown that multi-agency training in particular is useful and valued by professionals in developing a shared understanding of child protection and decision making.

HSCB’s training programme is funded by its partner agencies and is free for their staff. For-profit organisations may also access our courses at a charge. Multi-agency safeguarding training is provided free of charge to:

  • Hampshire County Council including schools and colleges
  • Hampshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups & Commissioned Providers
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • Hampshire Fire & Rescue
  • National Probation Service
  • Hampshire & Isle of Wight CRC
  • District & Borough Councils
  • A number of free spaces are allocated to voluntary sector organisations

The courses are managed through Hampshire County Council’s Children’s Services Workforce Development team and can be accessed here: learningzone.hants.gov.uk

Current HSCB Multi-Agency Training

HSCB – Working Together and Preparing for Child Protection Conferences

Course code: HSCB0002

A one day course enabling delegates to develop their skills to accomplish core tasks in safeguarding children in collaboration with other agencies and professionals.

The Impact of Domestic Violence and Abuse on Young People

Course code: HSCB0004

A one day course to promote awareness of the dynamics of violent relationships, the impact on children and possible interventions.

Listening and Responding to Children – The Impact of Abuse and Attachment Problems

Course code: HSCB0005

This training is 2 consecutive days to develop further skills in listening to and communicating with children and young people. The course emphasises skills development through experiential learning, participants should be willing to role play in a confidential and safe setting.

Managing Staff Who Have a Responsibility for Safeguarding Children

Course code: HSCB0001

Training to support Leaders and Managers to fulfil their role and responsibilities in promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. This is a Level 5 course on the HSCB training pathway.

Safeguarding Disabled Children Including Those with Complex Needs

Course code: HSCB0003

The aim of this course is to increase participant’s awareness of the particular vulnerabilities of disabled children and to provide them with an opportunity to explore ways in which we can effectively safeguard disabled children from harm. This is a Level 2 course on the HSCB training pathway.

Working with Hostile Families and Disguised Compliance

Course code: HSCB0006

This training will equip practitioners to understand the context and their responsibilities when working with hostile, resistant families and those who use disguised compliance. It is training which highlights to practitioners the importance of reflective, critical, analytical practice and the importance of regular supervision, and offers techniques and approaches to help practitioners to develop resilient strategies when working with complex families. This course is a level 2 course as defined by the HSCB training policy.

Allocation of Places

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis although selection and prioritisation may required to ensure sufficient multi-agency representation.

Cancellation Charges

In the case of non-attendance or cancellation within 48 hours of an event, a fee of £120 will be incurred. This fee will be waived if a substitute delegate is sent instead but you must let us know if this happens. All cancellations or changes must be sent in writing to cs.nominations@hants.gov.uk

What Training Do I Need?

All organisations working with children and families are responsible for ensuring that those working with children and families receive appropriate safeguarding training relevant to their role and responsibilities.

To assist organisations in fulfilling this responsibility, HSCB has produced a set of training standards which it expects all organisations working with children and families to follow. These standards are outlined in the HSCB Learning and Development Policy, which can be found on the Resource Library.

The HSCB cannot accredit or approve single-agency safeguarding training. All organisations working with children and families should evaluate themselves against the training policy in terms of their roles and responsibilities and compliance with the training standards. This evaluation should inform the organisation’s training strategy.

HSCB will hold agencies to account in their efforts to ensure that all staff and volunteers working with children and young people or their parents/carers are trained in safeguarding to an appropriate level.