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Day in My Life (Teenager)

Waking up in the morning

  • Do I use a clock to get up?
  • What time do I normally get up? Is it early i.e. in time for school / college?
  • Do I have to get anyone else up?
  • Is there anyone else up when I get up?
  • Are my mornings the same or is it different every day?


  • Do I eat breakfast in the morning? What do I like to have? Is it the same every day or different?
  • Do I need to make breakfast for other people?
  • Do I eat my breakfast with others or by myself?


  • Do I have enough clothes? Are they clean, the right size for me, right for the weather?
  • Do I know how to look after myself, e.g. washing and brushing teeth etc?
  • Do I have a positive body image? Do I think I look ok? Do I think I look fat in my clothes? Are my clothes ‘on trend’.

Getting to School

  • Do I go to school / college? How far away is it? How do I get there?
  • Do I need to take anyone else to school i.e. younger siblings?
  • Do I tend to arrive at school on time or am I late?

In school

  • Do I like school / college?
  • Do I have any friends there?
  • Do I hang out with them in breaks?
  • What do I do in free periods?
  • Do I have lunch – canteen food or packed lunch?
  • Do I have a favourite teacher or someone I like to talk to?
  • Do I see anyone for help at school – ELSA, school counsellor, support worker etc?
  • Have I ever been bullied?

After school

  • How do I get home from school?
  • Do I want to go home or do I avoid going home?
  • Do I go home at the end of the school day or do I go to friends houses or hang out somewhere else?
  • Do I have a job to go to?
  • Does anyone meet me and take me home?
  • Is there anyone at home?
  • Do I watch TV and if so, is what I watch ok for my age?
  • Do I have homework to do and does anyone help me with it?
  • Do I like doing my homework, does anyone check that I have done it?
  • Do I have to look after anyone else?
  • Is there food available?
  • Does anyone help me get some food?
  • Do I need to get food for anyone else?


  • Do I have a dinner in the evening and what time is this?
  • Who makes the food?
  • What do I eat?
  • Do I eat with others, and at the table, or do I eat by myself?
  • Is there anyone I can tell if I am hungry and do they provide food for me?
  • Do I watch TV before and what do I watch?
  • Do I use the internet or social networking sites? What device do I use – laptop / tablet / phone?
  • Does anyone check what I am doing on the internet / are there any parent controls?
  • What sites do I visit online and what do I do?
  • Do I chat online or share any information or pictures? What do I talk about?
  • Do I play games on a console? Do I play online / ‘live’ games?
  • Do I go out in the evening and if so who do I go out with?
  • Where do I go and what I do there?
  • Do I have to be home by a set time?
  • Does my carer know who I hang out with?
  • What do I do with my family in the evenings? What do my carers do?
  • Do we spend time together or do our own things?


  • Do I go to bed at the same time every night?
  • Who decides when it is bed time?
  • Where do I sleep?
  • Do I like where I sleep?
  • Who else is in the house at night time?
  • Do I have to look after anyone else at bed time?
  • Do I have my own room or do I share with others?
  • Do I have what I need in my room (bed, curtains, warm floors)?

School holidays/weekends

  • What do I do in the school holidays?
  • Do I have to look after anyone?
  • Do have chores / jobs to do? If so what are they?
  • Do my carers look after me during the holidays or are they at work?
  • If left unsupervised, how long for?
  • Do my carers know what I do during the day and who I’m with?
  • Do I have friends to spend time with? Do my carers know them? Where do I know them from? Are they the same age as me?
  • What do my friends like doing?
  • Do I have any hobbies?
  • If I get free school meals during the term, what happens in the holidays?
  • Is there food to eat at home?
  • Is there someone around to help make food and supervise mealtimes?
  • Do I have my own money? Where do I get it?
  • Do I have a job to earn money?
  • Do I seem to have more money / things than I would be able to afford by myself?


  • What are my relationships like with my family and friends? Do I have lots of friends or just a few?
  • Do I get on ok with my parents /carers? What about my siblings? If I don’t get on with them is there anyone else that I talk to or spend time with?
  • Who else is close to the family / around a lot?
  • Do I spend lots of time in other people’s houses / sleep elsewhere?
  • Do I have a girlfriend / boyfriend? Do they make me happy? Are they the same age as me or older / younger? Where did I meet them? Where do I go with them?