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HSCB Subgroups

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) has a range of subgroups in place to progress priorities within the Annual Business Plan. Our current groups, including the chairs’ organisations, are as follows:

  • HSCB Executive (Independent Chair, HSCB & IOWSCB)
  • HSCB Main Board (Independent Chair, HSCB & IOWSCB)
  • Learning & Inquiry Group (Assistant Director, Children’s Services)
  • Child Death Overview Panel (Director, Public Health)
  • Missing Exploited and Trafficked Children Subgroup (Area Director, Children’s Services)
  • Quality Assurance Subgroup (Area Director, Children’s Services)
  • Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI) Group (Assistant Director, Children’s Services)
  • Education Subgroup (County Improvement Manager, Children’s Services)
  • Health Subgroup (Assistant Director, NHS England)
  • Workforce Development Subgroup (Head of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Youth Offending Teams)
  • 4LSCB Procedures Group (Partnership Support Team)

HSCB also commissions task and finish groups to deliver against key priorities within the annual business plan.

Further information on the roles of Subgroup Chairs and member can be found in the following documents:

HSCB Subgroup Chair Role Descriptor

HSCB Subgroup Member Role Descriptor

Lay Members

HSCB has two Lay Members who attend the Main Board and subgroups.

Lay members operate as full members of HSCB, participating as appropriate on the Board itself and on relevant subgroups. Lay members help to make links between the board and community groups, support stronger public engagement in local child safety issues and improve public understanding of the board’s child protection work.